Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween Top 5

I know this is a little late and most people are already thinking toward Thanksgiving and Christmas by now, but I still wanted to share my thoughts on Halloween. I know there's definitely bad stuff associated with Halloween and what not - but I feel like there's so much about it to love. I've actually thought about it a lot and came up with 5 reasons why I think Halloween is one of the best holidays ever!

5. I think this one's a given but I'll say it anyways. CANDY. CANDY CANDY CANDY CANDY CANDY!!!!!

4. Brings out people's creativity. I love seeing the imaginative and creative costumes people come up with.  And I personally really, really enjoy coming up with different costumes.

(yeah, I may or may not have had 3 different costumes this year alone...)
social butterfly
candy corn
"Chicken of the Sea" Mermaid
my tail!
3. Get's people out of their "comfort zone."  You see those people dressed up in costumes who are a little bit uncomfortable... but they also kind of like it, you know? Like, they were "forced" into it, but not really? I love that. I was driving home from work on Halloween and saw this middle aged guy getting into his car all decked out as a cowboy. He had that look to him that his wife probably "made" him do it, but he was actually pretty pleased with how it turned out. Love it.

2. Makes work more fun.  I loved looking at all my friends' pictures of their offices dressed up.  It can break up the normal mundane, day-to-day stuff and give you something to look forward to in the middle of your work week.

1. It brings people & communities together on a night when you probably wouldn't otherwise. I went to a party with a bunch of people from church that I don't always spend time with, especially on a "school" night - and it was great! And the kids get so excited about Halloween and it's fun to be around that kind of excitement and energy! I helped the parents who were at the party take their kids trick-or-treating and they had SO MUCH FUN! It was great going to houses in our neighborhood and meeting people and just having fun together as a community.

And this doesn't make it to the top 5 list but it's also noteworthy - It feels like Halloween officially kicks off the "Holiday Season."

I went to Starbucks on November 1st and was pleasantly surprised to see they were already serving the red cups.  I know it's a small thing, but it was a little lot bit exciting...
This was actually my like 34th try... Bobby kept trying to get to the phone
What's your favorite thing about Halloween?  Are you already in full-blown Holiday mode?

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