Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My List of Top 10 Lists

Has anyone noticed lately that there are like, TONS of lists circulating Facebook?  Like lists are suddenly totally in!

Therefore I felt compelled to compile a list of my favorite lists... enjoy!

10. Safewise's 50 Safest cities in California.  I live and work in #38 and #5... not too shabby...

9. These 17 People Tried to Follow Instructions... And Hilariously Failed

 8. 10 Truths About the First Year of Parenthood. This one is just really sweet with some funny tidbits.

7. 36 Realistically colorized historical photos

6. 12 Reasons Eric and Mr. Feeny had the most underrated bromance in TV history

5. 15 Unmistakable, Outrageously Secret Signs You're an extrovert
"Extroverts give life structure. They provide spectacle. They build the Parthenon and then, 2,000 years later, lead dynamic and engaging tours of the Parthenon. They decide things. They complain about things. They charm people. They make sure events run smoothly. Some of them are really stupid. Some of them are really smart."

4. 21 Types of People You See at Disneyland

The people who MUST take a funny photo on every ride that offers it
 3. 36 Things You Never Realized Everyone Else Does Too
Long phone call = pacing around the entire house

1. 50 Things 90s Kids Will Never Forget

Gash! I love it!!

Any other lists I need to check out?

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