Friday, December 20, 2013

Arctic Zero Low Calorie Frozen Desserts!

A couple weeks ago, Arctic Zero contacted me about sampling some of their frozen desserts.  Naturally, I agreed.

To my giddy-ish delight, this box arrived in the mail a couple days later...
I was stoked!

I had tried Arctic Zero before, and actually blogged about it here when I first sampled it at the Redondo Beach 5k. But they have a ton of flavors I hadn't tried yet.

Basically, Arctic Zero desserts are low in calories, low in fat, low in sugar, and have lots of protein and fiber. Their bars clock in at 80 calories, and the entire pint of their "ice cream" is a whopping 150 calories! The pints are also "lactose intolerant friendly" and gluten free!

I can handle that.

I also really like that it's not sweetened with any artificial sugars.  From their website, "Arctic Zero is sweetened with a proprietary blend of monk fruit concentrate and organic cane sugar. We do not use artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols of any kind."

What is monk fruit? You ask...
"One of the sweetest melons in the world, monk fruit concentrate is 150 times sweeter than sugar and one gram replaces 40 teaspoons of sugar."

So bottom line.

It's healthy. Don't go in expecting Baskin Robbins.  Go in expecting a low calorie dessert and you will not be disappointed. I particularly liked the bars which come in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and orange. (strawberry and vanilla were my favorite) and for the ice cream flavors, I really liked the Vanilla Maple, strawberry, cookies 'n' cream and mint. Ok... so that's basically all of them. The peanut was probably my least favorite.

They recommend that you let it sit out for 5-10 minutes before eating because they are pretty hard. (you can see my over-anxious bite mark in the photo of the bar).  But when they soften a bit. the texture is definitely creamier.

Again - it's not normal ice cream... but it is still very satisfying. Donny has helped me with most of it (there was a ton!) but it's definitely something I'll purchase in the future.
They sell it at my local Vons Pavilions and I think at a Ralph's nearby too.

I'm definitely someone who prefers to eat larger portions, so knowing I can enjoy the whole pint makes me happy.  I'd much rather eat a pint of Arctic Zero, than 2 bites of some rich decadent crap. FWIW...

Disclaimer: Arctic Zero provided me with samples of their desserts. All opinions are my own.

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