Thursday, December 5, 2013

My first 14 miler...

Two Saturday's ago, I accomplished a PDR a.k.a - a Personal Distance Record!
As part of my LA Marathon training we're officially into "long" runs.  It's been great running with the Pasadena Pacers because all the runs are very well planned and organized.

I'd signed up for a 10 mile fun run with the PP's that day to Home Girl Cafe in Los Angeles, so a few of us met up at 6 a.m. to do our additional 4 miles.
The 4 felt great and I had a few minutes to cool off and drink some water before starting the 10. I kept a decent pace for the first 5 or 6 miles of the 10, but was really starting to hurt around the 12 mile mark. But it was so great running with a group of people who kept me going and wouldn't let me walk.

We got to Home Girl Cafe at about the 2:40 mark, which I was pretty pleased with since some of the run was on trails.

And then we got to enjoy an AMAZING Mexican-fusion-celebratory-brunch!
long run, good food and new friends are the makings of a great day!
I've also been craving this juice ever since. It's called Angela's green potion and it's spinach, mint and lime.  It sounds crazy but it's actually crazy good.
We took the Gold Line train back to Pasadena and I kept thinking, I just ran 14 miles and I feel normal.

 That was probably the most exciting thing about the run. Just a couple years ago, after running 5 miles my hips would ache like crazy. But as I got stronger, 5 stopped hurting...but longer distances would still get me.  After I'd run a half marathon I'd waddle around for days with sore muscles and blisters.  But now, I'm at a point in my training where I can do 14 and not feel much of anything.  Maybe that's weird to say - but I'm super excited that I didn't feel anything at all! I wasn't sore, didn't have any blisters, I didn't "waddle" or anything.  I kept having to remind myself "you just ran more than you've ever run before!" It's a very good feeling, I've got to say.