Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Back In The Pool

With my hips halting my running, I decided it was time to get back into the pool.

I swam competitively all four years of high school and absolutely loved it! I tried out my freshman year knowing nothing about racing. I made JV and had an amazing coach who patiently taught me strokes, how to dive and how to flip turn.  By my senior year I was the Varsity captain and had a passion for the 500 free and 100 fly (fellow swimmers will know what that gibberish means).
But as with most high school sports, I got to college and didn't have the time/desire/place to continue swimming.  That's when my passion for running started to develop so I don't regret that I stopped swimming - but I am still glad to be back in the pool now.

I realized I didn't have any "swim stuff" left so I had to go out and get a swim suit, a cap and goggles.  Other fellow swimmers will understand how hard it was for me to buy a cap.  It was literally the first time I'd ever bought one! Caps are just one of those things that everyone has a bunch of and are just always around, ya know?  But, since it's been years, I couldn't find any (I'm sure there's still some packed away in my parent's garage or something).
Sorry, not related at all.  But this photo came up when I typed "funny swim cap" and I just couldn't resist
 It was also funny when the sales girl at Dicks Sporting Goods made a recommendation to me for the "best" goggles.  They were these huge honking things in some brand I'd never heard of.  Thanks lady, but I'll stick with the classic pink Speedo, thank you very much.
I got this Dolfin Uglies Suit on super clearance (around $10!) So yeah, it definitely is bright but I wasn't ready to commit to full price suit just yet, so this was a good start.
If you're interested in your own "Uglies" swimsuit, here are some similar one's. I kind of like this one - the Fuji!
I've been swimming at the gym where I work, and the pool is fine... but it's only 3 lanes, and it's usually pretty crowded. I can only imagine what the Asian senior citizens were thinking when this big blonde white girl in an American flag suit jumped in with them!

I'd love to join the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center eventually - but it's pretty pricey.  They do have daily rates though, so I may treat myself to that occasionally.

I'm definitely slower than I expected, and am getting winded sooner than I would like - but I'm doing it! I forgot how tired my arms can get from fly. But I am excited to start seeing improvement and this may give me the boost I need to finally starting thinking about a Tri!

What are your hobbies that you've let fall by the wayside? Any regrets?

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