Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend Festivites!

I hope you all had a great Easter Weekend!
 Floral Tank from Forever 21 - $9.80
Cream Skirt from Target (circa 2005) - probably about $20
Brown Wedges from Target clearance - $8
Statement necklace from Forever 21 - $7.80
A very reasonable outfit at a grand total of less than: $46!
Gabby's Family Party on Saturday

I made two desserts for my family's party on Saturday.

The first was a Nutella Mousse Carrot Patch. I specifically searched "dirt" desserts - just so I could make tiny carrot toppers! The original recipe is for a layered dirt cup, but as long as there is Nutella, cream cheese, and cool whip involved - I figured it would be hard to mess it up.  I doubled the recipe so that I could use it both days.

Orange Mike and Ike's for the carrots
Edible Easter Grass for the tops
Stab a hole in the wider end with a fork
Gently work the Easter grass into the hole and trim the excess
I'll be honest and admit that this wasn't easy.  I had 28 carrots total (the contents of 2 boxes) and it probably took me at least an hour... but hey, it's fun and cute, so totes worth it, right?
I only got one package of Oreos - which wasn't quite enough for doubling the recipe. If I'd had enough, I would have started with an Oreo layer on the bottom as well.
The second dessert was a two layer coconut cake!

I wasn't too excited about any of the recipes I found so I just kind of combined ideas.  I ended up buying a vanilla cake mix and substituted coconut milk for water. I was super nervous because I've never had success with a layered cake... but it actually turned out really good!
For the frosting, I used a can of vanilla and mixed in the thick creamy part of the leftover coconut milk.  And then covered the whole thing with sweetened flaked vanilla.  It ended up being a subtle coconut flavor, but I really liked it!
The finishing touch was dark chocolate bunny with a festive ribbon tied around his neck!
My grandpa believing that the entire cake was for him
It's an Easter pup!

Donny's Family Party on Sunday

I brought two sides and two desserts to Donny's parent's house on Sunday.

I've seen caprese skewers before, so I don't have a specific link as inspiration...but it's a pretty basic (and delicious) concept.

Of course, it had to be Easter themed, so I used bunny and egg cupcake toppers as the skewers.
Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers recently re-posted the link to her Arugula, feta and watermelon salad and it looked so light and fresh I was excited to contribute that dish as well. I forgot to get a photo at the time, but I did remember to snap a quick picture on my phone before I dug in to the leftovers today.
I used the second half of the decadent Nutella mixture for Sunday. This time I layered the mixture with the crushed oreos in empty baby food jars. I found small wooden garden crates in the Dollar Bin at Target which were the perfect "tray" to display the cups.
I was super excited when these Rice Krispy Treat Eggs actually worked! I was concerned that they wouldn't come out easily so I greased the socks off of these eggs (note: you actually can use too much butter/Pam... so in the future I will cut back on the greasing...they did end up a little slimier than what I'd hoped)
I also wanted to give a little something to the ladies and saw this idea on Pinterest too. Nail polish in coordinating Easter eggs!
And now to finish the post - here's lot's of pictures of my adorable 4 month old niece, Poppy! She loved watching the hockey game with Uncle Donny
She's an Easter Pop!
Playing with grandpa's stuffed animal, "Oddy Boy" from when he was a baby.  That bear is over 60 years old!
Happy Easter my friends! Thanks with staying with me through such a long post!

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