Tuesday, April 29, 2014

First Run Back Post LAM!

I finally got the OK from my physical therapist to ease back into running again, so I did the only natural thing that all runners will understand - I did a glorious 5 miler on Saturday!
I'll have to confess this week and I'm sure he's not going to be thrilled that I jumped into that much so quickly (I think he was thinking more of a gentle 20 minute run) - but I couldn't help it. I felt great! The weather was perfect! I was with my running friends again - it was just one of those days.  I also made sure to stretch and ice my hips and quads really well afterward.

I was also on such a running high that it ended up being a super productive Saturday morning. The good vibes were just flowing!

7 - 8:30 - Run, stretch, glory in God's creation and the amazing weather.
8:30 - 9 - Grab coffee and do a quick change/deodorize/mini shower in the Coffee Bean bathroom

9-9:45 - Get to Michael's right when they open at 9 for the supplies to make invitations for a friend's wedding reception

9:45 - 10:30 - Drive to Run With Us, get there right when they open at 10, explain my bad feet/bad hip situation, purchase some new stability shoes that will solve all of my problems and make me the fastest runner ever
From my Instagram - you should follow me!
10:30-11:15 - Rush home, shower, tell Donny all of my excited details while he reminds me of how little time I have to get ready.

11:15 - Parents pick us up so we can take my dad to lunch!

Whew! It was one of those productive whirlwind mornings that Type A's live for.

My dad's birthday was Tuesday and since he's so hard to buy for - we chose to give him an "experience" instead of a traditional present. We love Old Town Orange and had been wanting to try Avila's El Ranchito which is an old church building turned Mexican restaurtant. The ambiance was great and the food was really good too!

Yep, that's my dad's face in the background
After stuffing ourselves silly, we slowly made our way to Chapman University to see the Huell Howser exhibit which opened in March. My dad is what we lovingly call  a "plaque reader" since he typically makes it his goal in any new/interesting place to find a plaque about it.  He also loves California history and Huell Howser so this was right up his alley. (Sometimes it scares me how alike my husband and father are).

Huell was a big donor to Chapman before his death so they set up this exhibit in his honor.

I'm sure I'll be back so Donny can show it to his dad too.

Since my day had started pretty early, I was needing a nap by the time we got home. I ended up sleeping for nearly two hours and only woke up because Donny made me.  I play hard so I can sleep hard.

How was your weekend?

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