Monday, April 14, 2014

Gabby Rose Wears...

I love fashion, but I don't have time most mornings to put together a stylish, well-accesorized "outfit."  Although I would consider myself more of a morning person than a night owl...most days I still only manage to give myself about 45 minutes to read my Bible, shower, dress, pack lunches and be at work by 8 AM.

I wouldn't blame anyone else for picking out a pair of pants and a top and calling it a day, But for me, that does actually pose a slight problem.

Here's why: I actually have tons of clothes, tons & tons of accessories and tons & tons & TONS of shoes.
Like seriously - a TON. We not-jokingly-at-all call our spare bedroom "Gabby's walk-in closet."
I love shopping. It's one of my oldest past times. I even love shopping for other people. (In another life I think I'd make a great personal shopper). And I don't want to brag per say...but I'm also kind of a pro at finding good deals. With the exception of my running shoes and a couple other pairs of "sensible shoes" pretty much every other article of clothing/shoe/accessory I own cost me somewhere in the $15-$30 range.

Therefore, in an effort to be more purposeful about taking advantage of my closet, I'm going to work on planning outfits before bed, and maybe, maybe, waking up a few minutes earlier.

Here's what I wore to work today:
Red chiffon tee from Nordstrom Rack - $10.99
Drapey Crop pant from Old Navy - $25
Steve Madden Sandals via TJ Maxx - $16.99
Both Necklaces from Forever 21 - $4.95 each
Outfit Total: $63
Each piece is very comfortable and keeps me cool on this lovely 80 degree  So Cal Spring day. I was a little worried the pants might look like pajamas, but the cinching at the bottom helps with that (I think?) I also purposely paired it with two necklaces to "dress it up" a bit.

Questions: How much time do you spend getting ready in the morning?
Do you prefer to own fewer "quality" pieces? Or lot's of inexpensive items?

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