Thursday, April 10, 2014

Paper Flower Tutorial

If everyone's okay with this, I'm going to start doing some tutorials on here for the various crafts and DIY's I make. (My most popular blog posting still remains the Travel Themed Party I threw for my friend Stephanie) Crafting is probably my next biggest hobby after running, and I find myself crafting even more these days with all my extra non-running free time.

This is actually a project I did for work, but am definitely planning on using for future parties and gift wrapping.

The Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial
It's actually incredibly simple and goes pretty fast.  I made about 30 flowers of varying sizes in about 2 hours.

What you'll need:
Lot's of tissue paper
Stapler (ideally one with a long reach)

1. Stack your tissue paper at least 8 layers thick.  More than 8 is ideal - but 8 will work.  Most of mine were between 10 and 12 layers. Make sure you cut the stack of paper to a square (roughly) This will give you a rounder flower (vs. an oblong flower)

2. Staple the stack in the middle and free draw a round flower shape with petals

3. Cut out the flower shape

4. Fluff each layer one at a time.  I found that squeezing and scrunching each layer as I went made it stay better and look "fluffier"

5. When you get to the bottom layer - you're done! Just fluff a bit more until you're happy with it.

Easy-peasy right?
There are a ton of things you can do with these little (or big) guys. We used them for bulletin boards, but I love the idea of the flower as the bow on a gift too!
Via Lia Griffith: Handcraft Your Life
 Try it out and let me know what you think!


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