Friday, September 19, 2014

Pasadena Pacers Kick Off LA Marathon Training

Training with the Pasadena Pacers for the 2015 LA Marathon starts TOMORROW! I ran my first marathon this year and could not have done it without the support, encouragement, training, discipline and fun of the Pasadena Pacers.
From the Pacer Facebook Page:
Whether you run infrequently, or have never run before, starting Saturday, September 20, the Pasadena Pacers will kick-off its LA Marathon training program to get you in tip-top shape for the LA Marathon in March, 2015. You'll come for the training, you'll stay for the friendships, we promise.
The Pacers is a FREE running club and you don't need to sign up or commit to anything.  Just show up ready to run and with a smile!  

Water is provided along the route, but you do need to bring your own water bottle or hydration belt. (Drinking directly from the water jug is a big no-no).

Tomorrow, marathon beginners are running 4, more advanced 6. But there are also multiple other groups running different distances as well. We meet south of the Rose Bowl near the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center at 7AM. For a full schedule and more details, visit

Won't you join us?
All photos courtesy of the Pasadena Pacers Facebook Page

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