Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Summer Recap

For most of the world, it seems like summer is the time when things slow down. But for me, it kind of feels like the opposite.  Summer is actually crazy busy and come September, I finally have down time. (Which is why this blog has been dormant since May). But it's September, I'm back into a more normal / manageable routine and I wanted to check in. Below is what we've missed: some pretty cool, some pretty average, all of it documented for posterity in photos...
First overnight backpacking trip
Free drinks and games at a Brooks Shoes event at Run With Us
Plus farmer's markets and summer berries
My brother and his fiance graduating from Seattle Pacific
Attempting the 100 floor stair challenge - still need to drop 2:35 from my time!
Being creepy when we saw Tim Howard - Team USA Soccer goalie at brunch on 4th of July (Uncle Bill's Pancake House in Manhattan Beach). He'd just gotten back from the World Cup in Brazil.
Discovering my love of Sweet XO and their chili gummy bears and diet Ginger Ale
Visiting the CA Science Center and finally realizing how huge the Endeavor is!
An awesome birthday gift from my good friend Morgan - mini Sven and grown up Sven!
Teaching a cycle class with a broken A/C and high humidity
Dressing up as a " Lavender Ferocious Koala" as a counselor at high school summer camp
Enjoying the "Greatest Show on Earth!" as a belated Birthday present from Donny
Beach running immediately followed by an ocean ice bath
Getting a Soda Stream and my life changing forever
New living room chair!
Seeing Glen Hansard at the Hollywood Bowl
Getting my grandparent's old piano
Traveling to Now Amber in Puerto Vallarta Mexico as a visiting fitness instructor!
I got to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing with baby tigers and a jaguar!
 and monkeys!
Running the Disneyland Half Marathon dressed as Daisy Duck (my first race since LAM)
Two close friends having babies just a day apart: Liam Otho (came 5 1/2 weeks early but is doing great!)
And Yael Chesed

As you can see, it's been a fun and busy season! But I'm ready to get back to more "normalcy."
Official LA Marathon training with the Pasadena Pacers starts this Saturday. My legs are feeling good and I'm pumped to get back into a more consistent running schedule!

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