Monday, November 24, 2014

Getting Christmas Started Early: The Queen Mary CHILL

On Saturday, Donny and I got to attend the Queen Mary CHILL! We went last year on their media preview night and we had so much fun, I knew we wanted to go again!

Something they did differently this year is that all of the main attractions are now included in the price of your admission.  I thought that was a great improvement! So now your ticket includes access to the Ice Kingdom, Ice Skating, Ice Tubing and The Queen Mary!  We also had the additional E.L.F. Pass (Express Lane Fast) which allows you to go the front of the line (like a Disneyland Fast Pass) and gets you unlimited rides on the Swingin' Sleigh Ride. This pass costs an additional $15 per person.  It wasn't too crowded on Saturday evening when went (probably because it just opened last week) but I can imagine the E.L.F. pass would be really helpful when it gets busier around Christmas time. And if you have kids that love the giant swing - it might be really nice to just let them ride it over and over again for free while you sit by a fire enjoying live music and hot cocoa.

The whole area is full of Christmas-y festivities and everything is themed so well! Even the food booths all look like Christmas village shops!

Of course the main attraction though is the Ice Kindgom. The Ice Kingdom is an exhibit made entirely of ice by professional ice sculptors from all over the world. You receive a giant parka before entering because inside, it is CHILLy. They keep the exhibit between 4-7 degrees fahrenheit! Even with the big parka, we could feel the cold within 10 minutes. But since every ticket includes unlimited trips, you can warm up in between visits!
Yes, that's all ice! I love the miniature Queen Mary they build every year. It even has an ice slide!

I also think the pure, clear ice is absolutely gorgeous. This year, one of the rooms had a huge nativity scene all out of clear ice. It was beautiful!

The Ice Kingdom is inside a giant tent inside the Dome, but also inside the Dome is the Glacier Glide.  Another popular, unlimited attraction!

When we exited The Dome, Keurig had a truck set up with complimentary hot beverages.  It was a perfect treat after our chilly adventures.  I got a hazelnut coffee, Donny picked Pumpkin Spice.
We shared a delicious cheeseburger (it was a little pricey, but it was big enough for two to share) and then explored the Christmas village.
We finished the evening with a trip up to the Queen Mary and got some great views of the Harbor and CHILL.
We had a great time and I would definitely recommend you check it out!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by The Queen Mary CHILL. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


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